. What If I Don't F-E-E-L GRATEFUL...? ~THE ORIGINAL EARTHMOM ™ © 2005 - 2021 Gratitude at it's most important level, is so much more than a mere feeling or fleeting emotion... it is a rock-solid, Immutable Principle. As such, it needs to be embraced as a Rule of Right and Good Living; and as a perspective or viewpoint on our life's journey, Gratitude requires (to the best of our ability) moment-to-moment practice --- whether we are FEELING Grateful, or not !!! Indeed...functionally, Gratitude is one of God's perfect, "highest-grade oils", by which we can keep the wheels of a good attitude, ever-turning -- in a manner that is smooth, quiet and efficient. Therefore, Gratitude exists for our health: Initially to be Accepted and Valued, as a Grand Philosophy of Life; then Gradually Exercised as a State of Mind; and Ultimately (part of our very cells), Breathed as a ~ State of Being ~ ~By Shelley Louden The Original Earthmom ™ © Copyright July 8, 2005 All Rights Reserved .

==================================== I vacation several times a year, ~INSIDE MY OWN CAGE~ at the Zoo...on Elephant Island, Antarctica. I own a spacious, Ocean-View Cage, with Antique Victorian furnishings, and sparkling, Titanium bars all around the perimeter. Check it out: ____________________________________ http://tinyurl.com/ELEPHANT-ISLE ____________________________________ (Seriously, you will see -- it's a valid link!!!) ==================================== Zoo Phone: 1-(000) BRR-COLD ====================================

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