We’ve got one for everybody.

In The Rooms offers over 130 weekly live online meetings, covering a variety of topics, groups, and treatment methods. Some of our most popular meetings are our 12 step ones, where we have a variety of AA, NA, Al-Anon, and Nar-Anon meetings, among others. 

In The Rooms has 6-10 live online AA meetings throughout the day, so there’s bound to be one that fits your schedule! We have speciality AA meetings too, like AA Business. We even have an agnostic AA meeting, if you’re looking for a recovery program without the religious elements. 

Our NA meetings, which happen 2-3 times a day, feature themes like “Clean and Serene” and “Sunday Gratitude.” Like AA, there’s also an NA Business group and an agnostic NA group. Additionally, we offer an LGBTQ+ friendly NA meeting, called NA Pride! 

For support for the family and friends of those in recovery, In The Rooms has both Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings, which each meet 1-3 times a week. In The Rooms also has an Adult Children Anonymous (ACA) group, which meets 5 times a week. 

We also have plenty of niche 12-step groups, like Medically Assisted Recovery Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, and Sex Addicts Anonymous. There are more too- we have meetings for almost all kinds of recovery programs. If you can think of a 12 step group, we probably have it. If we don’t, contact us!

All our meetings offer a unique sense of connection and hope that can only be found by walking alongside people who are on the same journey you are. Recovery can’t be done alone! 

“You need a support network. You need someone to call on days when you wake up and you really want to take drugs,” says In The Rooms co-founder Ron Tannenbaum. The variety of 12 step meetings we offer means that you can find the community perfect for you. 

Additionally, the breadth of the 12 step meetings we offer means that you have the freedom to choose what you want out of your recovery. And because our meetings are offered at so many times throughout the week, you have the freedom to choose when you want your recovery to happen too!

Join today and find the 12 step meeting perfect for you!



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