Breanne Styes

CCAR Recovery Coach Professional

My name is Bre, I have been in recovery since 2010. I have worked as Peer specialist for 9 years in inpatient and put patient settings through the state of Colorado and I'm a CCAR Certified Recovery Coach. I love helping individuals finding what recovery works for them. I do not tend to the traditional 12 step programs, if it works for you great! If it doesn't, we will find what does!! My focus is to be consistent, set reachable short- and long-term recovery goals and we will also focus on stressors in life, i.e., finances, family, relationships, healthy boundaries, and triggers. Seems like a lot? YOU ARE WORTH IT! Some don't think these stressors relate rto relapse, I do. I want to get to know you and help guide your ship to recovery. Anything is possible, and you have made it through every bad day of your life this far! Let's keep it going!! I work with PayPal by an hourly charge, and work with individuals all across the globe. We all have one thing in common, recovery, and that is what matters! I look forward to meeting with you and seeing your success!!