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InTheRooms is the worlds largest Online Recovery Social Network.

Whether you're sober, clean, or seeking help with your drug addiction or alcoholism, we welcome you, and will connect you with other people who share YOUR addiction, in YOUR local area, and all across the world!

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Using In the Rooms is easy and convenient. Simply go to our login page: and register by inputing all your required information, then click Sign Up. After you're logged in, begin filling out your personal information on your “profile page.” We suggest that you fill out as many fields as possible; the more the better. This will allow other members the comfort of knowing a little a bit about you before becoming friends. If you feel that sharing your personal information before you're settled in is not for you, you can remain as anonymous as you choose by using a nick name instead of your real name and an avatar instead of your picture until you're ready.

Aside from this, there are only a few other things to know. First, just about any picture can be uploaded to your profile or to group but, please, keep it in good taste. If you're here to attend o the Live Online Video Meetings just click Video Meetings on your page and then the time of the meeting you wish to attend. We encourage members to get involved and attend the Live Online Meetings, participate on the discussion boards, write your own blog, update your status regularly and enjoy all the other recovery features that are available to you.

In The Rooms is the premier, most comprehensive online social network for the Global Recovery Community. Our mantra is the acronym H.I.T.C.H and our mission is to Help, Inform, Touch, Connect, and Heal those already in Recovery, seeking Recovery and their family and friends supporting Recovery around the world.