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Although welcomes members from all the 12 Step addiction / recovery fellowships and other non 12 Step recovery modalities as well. We wanted to take a minute to talk specifically about Narcotics Anonymous. NA is a fellowship of men and women who suffer from the disease of addiction to drugs and considers alcohol as a drug. NA uses the same 12 Step and 12 Traditions format as Alcoholics Anonymous. The differences are more pronounced in the literature as each fellowships uses its own text book. AA, uses “The AA Big Book,” and NA uses the “NA Basic Text.”

Any member joining can claim any fellowship they currently attend, or have been a part of, and visit that respective fellowship group be it AA, NA or any of the other 27 fellows currently listed on ITR. Aside from the NA discussion board, offers a comprehensive, geo locatable listings of NA meetings around the world, in case a member is traveling or has moved to a new location; the list are updated frequently. Come join the In the Rooms NA Fellowship today and get connected with people in the fellowship across the globe.

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