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iRecovery has a team of licensed experts to provide private, affordable, and accessible drug and alcohol treatment from the safety of your home via our secure platform. At iRecovery we see addiction as a brain disease and use FDA approved medication for stabilization, allowing you to focus on learning new ways of thinking and reacting to behavioral therapy. Our addiction experts provide targeted medication-assisted treatment MAT to alleviate withdrawal, reduce cravings, and diminish the compulsion to use drugs and alcohol.
iRecovery has created a comprehensive and intuitive program that offers all critical aspects of the behavioral rehab process through cutting-edge, tech-based resources, provided through our secure telemedicine platform. Our services include, but are not limited to, the following:

* Physician Assessment
* Psychiatry Assessment or Consult
* Medication Management & Follow-Up Visits
* Bio-Psychosocial Assessment
* Standardized Pre and Post assessment measures
* Individual therapy
* Group Therapy
* Family Therapy
* Remote Monitoring of Patients.

iRecovery’s program has removed many of the personal and logistical barriers that prevent patients from getting the help they need for their substance use disorder.
Contact us today at 561-464-5500 to discuss how our services may be appropriate for you or your loved one.

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