About In The Rooms

Ken Pomerance and Ron Tannebaum started In The Rooms with a simple goal in mind: to give recovering addicts a place to meet and socialize when they’re not in face-to-face meetings. This basic concept has grown into a global online community with over 635,000 members who share their strength and experience with one another daily. Through live meetings, discussion groups, and all the other tools In the Rooms has to offer, people from around the world connect with one another and help each other along their recovery journeys.

About the Founders

Ronald (RT) Tannebaum

Co Founder, CEO/President

RT has 36 years of long-term recovery and has dedicated his life to helping make the recovery movement a positive, mainstream force the world today. RT has been married to Phyllis for 31 years, who has over 34 years of long-term recovery. They have two children; Taylor, 27, and Jake, 26, whom have reaped the benefits of their parents long-term recovery and have never seen either of them pick up a drink or a drug in their entire lives.

In over 40 years as an entrepreneur, RT’s focus has been on sales, marketing, and promotions. RT created, owned, and operated The Sports Arena, Inc. a chain of retail stores in upscale regional malls, specializing in licensed sports products, sports memorabilia and collectibles including on-site personal appearances and autograph sessions by Hall of Fame sports heroes. After the sale of The Sports Arena, the business transcended into Extreme Promotions and Events, Inc., which eventually grew into South Florida’s premier indoor promoter of arts and crafts, sports memorabilia and collectibles shows.

More About In The Rooms

Ken Pomerance

Co Founder, COO/Vice President

Ken has over 36 years of long-term recovery and has been married to his wife, Jamie, for over 31 years. Jaime has 33 years of long-term recovery. Ken and Jamie have two children: Matt, 30, and Lexi, 28, both of whom have never seen Ken or Jamie pick up a drink or a drug in their entire lives.

Kenny possesses over 40 years of entrepreneurial experience. He co-founded Gibraltar Central Security Corporation, which specialized in residential security for luxury high rises in South Florida. After the company sold in 1983, he became the Marketing Director of Harborview Hospital, where he managed all sales and marketing initiatives.

In 1984, Kenny co-founded the New Life Recovery Center in Miami, a premier addiction treatment center that helped numerous rock stars, writers, high-profile athletes, and politicians. Subsequently, he co-founded IFN (Internet Financial Network), which later merged with Entrypoint to became Infogate, building real-time desktop news delivery for USA Today, CNN, The LA Times, and other online news providers. AOL purchased Infogate in 2003.

In The Rooms Song

A dear friend of Kenny and RT, Richie Supa, wrote the song In The Rooms as a gift to them back when they were creating the In The Rooms website. In The Rooms won the 2009 Prism Award for Song of the Year—music, lyrics and performance by Richie Supa. Richie is an American songwriter and guitarist best known for his work with Aerosmith, The Rascals and Richie Sambora.