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Getting Started in Addiction Recovery

No matter what led you here—whether you reached rock bottom, noticed early signs of an addiction problem in a loved one, or were court-ordered to attend Alcoholics Anonymous meetings—you’ve taken a significant first step by recognizing a need and reaching out for help. In The Rooms is a source of information, resources, tools and community with the mission of helping you get the support you need.

Find a Addiction Treatment Program

Treatment options for drug and alcohol addiction extend far and wide. Depending on a person's individual needs, someone struggling with addiction may opt for Medically Assisted Treatment,inpatient treatment, a residential program, an outpatient program, group or individual counseling, or any of combination of treatment options.

Search our treatment directory to find drug and alcohol addiction treatment providers and rehab facilities near you.

Reach Your Goals with a Recovery Coach

Professional recovery coaches help those new to recovery and people in long term recovery. A coach serves as a motivational mentor and guide, helping to knock down barriers to recovery, and working with clients to help them plan and achieve their goals. Recovery coaches promote and focus on long-term recovery and future-focused goal fulfillment.

Find a certified recovery coach to help you achieve your goals.

Attend In-Person Recovery Meetings

Addiction recovery meetings happen all around the world for fellowships like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), Gamblers Anonymous (GA), alanon online meetings, aca meetings and more. Meetings are essential for building and connecting with a support network.

Find a face-to-face meeting happening near you.

Join an Online Recovery Meeting

Online recovery meetings provide a great supplement to in-person meetings, allowing people in recovery from all around the world to meet. Most online video meetings work similarly to in-person meetings, where a chairperson facilitates the meeting and gives attendees the opportunity to share. In The Rooms hosts more than 160 live meetings each week.

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A Guide for Those Seeking Recovery

If you’re ready to begin your recovery journey but you’re not sure what to do next, then this guide is for you. We’ve got information on all types of treatments, next steps, and more.

A Guide for Friends, Family, and Allies

If your loved one is in recovery (or you think they might need to be), then this guide is for you. We have all you need to learn about how to have tough conversations, what types of treatment are available for your loved ones, and how to seek out care for yourself too.


Who Answers?

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