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In the Rooms hosts over 130 live video meetings every week, run by fellowship chairpeople who invite members to share amongst the group. With an meeting attendance confirmation option, members can track the meetings they attend.

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Write a blog, post in the newsfeed, or direct message a friend—there are plenty of ways to talk and connect on In the Rooms.

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Members can be as anonymous or public as they wish—only a member username is required. Add a profile picture if you’d like, and your recovery date, your location, and other details to help friends connect with you.

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Learn More About What We Offer

In The Rooms hosts a number of speciality meetings outside of the regular daily meetings, usually applicable to members across multiple fellowships and led by authors, recovery coaches, addiction professionals, and more. Take a look at some of the speciality meetings In The Rooms has to offer, take note of the ones you find interesting,...

Insider Insights: Getting Started in Online Recovery Learn how to get started on In The Rooms from longtime member and meeting chairperson Marc Dunn. It can be difficult to find reliable resources for recovery support, but with 550,000 members, and an accumulated recovery time of over 2,269,000 years, In The Rooms can offer reliable and...

We’ve got one for everybody. In The Rooms offers over 130 weekly live online meetings, covering a variety of topics, groups, and treatment methods. Some of our most popular meetings are our 12 step ones, where we have a variety of AA, NA, Al-Anon, and Nar-Anon meetings, among others.  In The Rooms has 6-10 live...

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