Wellness Counseling and Residential Detox

6300 SE Federal Highway, Stuart, FL, 34997

Category of Treatment:

Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox provides a licensed, supported environment for those who are ready to ease into the recovery road. Our Residential Treatment program strives to make use of evidence-based treatment and therapy. We own licensed detox and residential treatment facilities in Florida and are associated with affiliated treatment centers located in Arizona and California. We may refer a client to one of these entities if the treatment needs and payment abilities match the treatment offerings at these facilities. The client is free to decide to seek treatment at another facility. We may recommend another treatment center not affiliated to Wellness Counseling & Residential Detox to a client based on his/her individual needs and payment ability.

After being placed in detox, we will do a medical assessment to identify what level of care we recommend for your individual needs. There can be a link between the environment and the success rates of people trying to address underlying issues that may cause drug and alcohol abuse. We can provide our clients with comfort and safety during their stay so that the recovery process is seamless. We provide an environment where clients feel supported and encouraged.

Our residential treatment offering is a smaller, more focused treatment program that draws licensed, selected staff. If we recommend that you receive treatment in our residential program, it will be individualized to you and your needs.

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