Granite Recovery Centers

6 Manor Parkway, Salem, NH, 3079

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We do things differently at Granite Recovery Centers. By all estimates, our approach to treatment works. And like any group of people swimming against the tide of accepted norms for the greater good, we consider ourselves A MOVEMENT. Our clients, practitioners, and administrators together are a movement  away from a lonely and isolated existence, personal dislocation, non-identity, and societal fragmentation, toward a fulfilling life of purpose where every person has an opportunity to make a contribution that is meaningful. Every business, every organization, every treatment center has a pulse, a spirit, a rhythm. Our New Hampshire addiction treatment centers are all about renewed life. Physical and spiritual rebirth. This is why GRC is the word on the street.

Our approach is to take the best aspects of evidence-based clinical psychotherapy and integrate them into the powerful healing to be had through focused and committed 12-Step study and action. In practice, it’s nearly impossible to see these two elements as separate and distinct as our 12-Step facilitators, licensed clinicians, case managers, and other addiction treatment staff members speak with one voice in building and implementing a treatment plans different for every client that has the best potential to achieve real, lasting abstinence and recovery.

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