Options Behavioral Health Hospital

5602 Caito Dr, Indianapolis, IN, 46226


Category of Treatment:

Options Behavioral Health in Indianapolis, Indiana, is a premier provider of quality care for adolescents, adults, and seniors who are experiencing symptoms of one or multiple mental health disorders. Disorders our expert clinical staff at Options Behavioral Health helps treat include adjustment disorders, bipolar disorder, dementia, and substance use disorders. We conduct a thorough assessment of each patient’s symptoms and personalize a plan for them before they start treatment. Our inpatient treatment and outpatient programming, our multidisciplinary staff, and a variety of therapeutic techniques and activities to choose from ensure that our patients receive the care necessary to experience significant long-term benefits. Treatment modalities that are commonly used at Options Behavioral Health include cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), and trauma-informed care (TIC). To provide patients with comprehensive care at Options Behavioral Health, we may also incorporate interventions such as individual, group, and family therapies; experiential therapies; and medication management into their treatment plans.


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