Serenity Light Recovery

1820 E County Rd ,36, Angleton, TX, 77515

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Here at Serenity Light Recovery, we meet the clients where they are at in their addiction and guide them down the path of recovery that meets their needs. We help them see the light through the darkness, overcome their struggles, and achieve true freedom. Our ultimate goal is to improve their quality of life and empower them to make positive choices.

The disease of addiction does not discriminate it is an equal opportunity destroyer. Addiction does not care if you are wealthy or poor, man or woman, educated or uninformed, adult or sadly even a child. Our clients are not alone on this journey and the diversity of our staff who are recovery are a testament to that. Making the decision to seek help for addiction is a choice that should be rewarded and cherished. We all recover differently, yet together.

We have a family of compassionate and experienced addiction specialists to help them through this process. Our team determines the underlying cause of the addiction and employs a multitude of evidence-based treatment modalities. Most importantly, we teach healthy coping mechanisms to reduce the urge to use in a high-stress situation. Serenity Light Recovery cares about making a difference in our client’s lives. Our motto is; I am not what I have done, I am what I have overcome. Give yourself another chance. It’s up to you to change.

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