Summer House Detox

13550 Memorial Highway, Miami, FL, 33161

Category of Treatment:

Summer House has provided detox services for more than 20 years. Our staff understands that alcoholism and drug addiction has a devastating effect on both individuals and their families. Having suffered the indignities that come along with active addiction, many of our patients arrive spiritually, morally, and financially bankrupt. For that reason, Summer House was founded with the idea that providing a dignified, warm, home-like environment for drug and alcohol detox is an effective way to help our patients begin to regain their self-esteem and re-enter society. Our facility is not a stark and sterile place. Sumptuous couches, wood-paneled ceilings, memory foam mattresses, and satellite television in every room creates a comfortable home-like environment. Our gourmet kitchen prepares three delicious meals a day. If you have specific dietary needs, we are prepared to accommodate whatever they may be. All of these things, taken together, work to make your drug and alcohol detox experience at Summer House a “Detox with Dignity”.

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