David Cave

CCAR Recovery Coach Professional

Hi! I've been working full-time as a recovery coach in the state of MA for four years now, beginning in community mental health and now working in the medical sector in a hospital, having specialized with folks with co-occurring disorders (dual diagnosis) as well as emergency and bridge clinic. I have pretty extensive knowledge of and connections with the Harm Reduction world, and have coached people utilizing harm reduction tools and radical acceptance. I have 15 years of continuous recovery myself, primarily through using Buddhist recovery programs, primarily Refuge Recovery, and Recovery Dharma. I am also experienced with most of the major twelve-step programs, and have even coached people through gambling and sex addictions in tandem with the programs designed for their specific struggles. I am also a SMART Recovery facilitator, and former Dharma teacher who taught with Front Range Dharma Punx in Denver, CO from 2015-2017. My hope is to bring my specific and unique toolset and experience working with dual diagnosis populations, meditation, and my own personal experience to help those through the process of recovery!