Elaine Corwin

CCAR Recovery Coach Professional

As a person with 30 years of long term recovery and over 15 years of Life Coaching clients, I have been privileged to partner with hundreds of amazing individual, as well as corporate clients to help them achieve more happiness and health. My strong personal and professional foundation in Health & Wellness (B.S & MS) allows me to focus on your strengths, and identify what you want to move toward or have more of in your life, knowing if we :love the changes into being, it becomes easier and more sustainable. As a lifelong learner, my certifications in nutrition coaching and teaching mindfulness meditation have allowed me to deepen my partnerships with people to help them live more happy, healthy and free. If you are just exploring or curious about living a better life, even one beyond your wildest dreams, I am here to inspire and you help you take action to move towards whatever that looks like for you! I provide a free 15 minute virtual consultation which includes coaching, so you can see if I am the right fit for you!