In The Rooms charges fees to coaches for the use of its recovery coaching services and tools. We collect this fee to cover costs for services provided, and to keep the directory operating smoothly for our coaches and coachees. Fees include a general monthly fee to list coaching services in the coaching directory (Listing Fee), and a percentage of the session fee that coachees are charged when booking a coaching session (Booking Fee).

Listing Fee

Coaches are charged $10/month to list their services on the recovery coaching directory. This listing fee gives the coach access to our scheduling platform and booking services, in addition to inclusion in the directory.

Booking Fee

In The Rooms charges a small fee for every booking made through the recovery coaching directory. Booking fees are only applied when a booking is confirmed and a coachee remits payment.

Coaches set their own service fees for their recovery coaching sessions. The booking fee is applied to the total service fee price, as set by the coach. The booking fee is $5, or 10% of the total service fee: whichever is greater. After booking fees are deducted, the remaining balance is sent to the coach.

Any service fees charged by In The Rooms are non-refundable.


Who Answers?

Calls to the general helpline will be answered by a paid advertiser of one of our treatment partners.

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Who Answers?