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shopping-cartIf you work around a hospital it doesn’t take long to realize not everyone gets his full 24 hours. People die. Years cut “short.’ That’s what we say, isn’t it, even when someone is 88 or 92. Yet each and everyday we wake up expecting our full 24 as if it’s an exhaustive supply.

We are so certain about it, we often use phrases like “killing time,” as if we have a pesky excess.

The one true leveling aspect of all humanity is time.  Regardless of economics, education, language skills or deficits, we are all on the dole of time. 24 hours. 86,400 seconds to spend.

If life were a shopping cart, what would be in yours? Are you picking what nourishes or what’s cheap quick and filling? How about your relationships? Plucked from the fresh produce or the soon-to-expire section?

What about your work? Is it the piping hot out-of-the-oven fragrant bread, or yesterday’s stale bargain? 86,4000 seconds. Tick Tick.

We have dreams and goals and so often they’re wait listed like wannabe standby passengers. How often are we waiting? Waiting for the right time as if there were a perfect moment in time when all is clear.

Yet each and every day we can do something, just one little thing, a single degree of shift changes the trajectory over time leading us to a completely different destination.

One degree of shift.

What excites you, or could excite you? You might say, I’d love to travel, but don’t have the time or the money. Yet can you raise your focus by one little degree and start to pick a place you’d like to visit. Read about it, find out what you’d like to see, talk to people and as you take action toward that goal, you will begin to notice it grows in clarity and as it does, so does your resourcefulness to achieve it.

Whether it’s a “thing” goal or a “being” goal, just one little shift, one declaration of intention added to the next, moves us along.

We either design our lives or live them by default.

What’s in your shopping cart? If you’ve read this to the end, you have used 78 seconds of your precious time. I hope you thought it was worth it. If you did please like it and share. Tick tick tick.

Make Believe~Make Belief Affirmation: I spend my time being and doing things that bring me the highest return of this precious resource.

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Who Answers?

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