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even still today, i get the benefits from doin, a quick spot on, daily inventory or when somethin is truly troublin me. takin my HP with me, it allows me to peer within and seek out the character flaws that help me to react upon circumstances in my life with self-will in which i truly have no control. with this self-perspective consideration i can find the indiscretions that help me to behave the way i do when i act or react to situations for which i dont have an immediate remedy. i usually find that i have let an emotion carry me through and realize that i didnt respond with the clarity and right consideration that i should have. it is then i get to ask God to help me work on this transgression. learnin about me helps me to focus on my HPs will, lettin go of self, so that i may live my life humbly in a new direction. 1 day @ a time...

corn fed not inbred michigan white trash...

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Who Answers?

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