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fear can sometimes hide itself, wrapped up in other disturbin emotions for me. when i feel a disruption within that doesnt feel quite right i need to take notice of it and figure out why i am feelin what ev it is. i was talkin with a friend the other day and he asked me about a situation i had shared with him. he asked why i felt upset about somethin someone had said. i told him that i felt like they had hit a nerve and it triggered fear within. he asked me why, he furthered that there was more to it than just the feelin of fear. he suggested that i think about the situation deeper because though i had felt fear, i needed to figure out what else was involved. as we discussed the situation and i dug deeper, he suggested that my pride and ego had been struck. immediately, i knew exactly what he was sayin. fear and resentment often hide behind, or alongside, other deeper emotions i may be feelin. it is with a thorough inventory, then sharin it with another, i am able to find them out. i smile within that it was such a simple thing yet wrapped tight around another emotion so it couldnt be identified. what a blessin WE have in such personal revelations. today i can find solutions to emotional and spiritual problems which dont include harm to another or further harm to myself. the process of humility for me is often a strenuous project to undertake. 1 day @ a time...

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Who Answers?

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