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i have learned through my recovery that hangin on to shit, hopin by some act, that it will change, does me no good. it festers like a boil causin infection of my emotional and spiritual health. in short time, my behavior changes for the worse as i have stepped out and away from my HPs will. it begins to rule me effectin every moment of my time and thought. recovery has taught me to inventory the things that cause fear within. remainin calm, i pray and ask my HP for the guidance i need. i share it with trusted friends in recovery, askin what they may have done in a comparable situation. i listen for the answers to come from my HP, whether from His intuitive voice or from those i have spoken to. i look into it to see why it may be there and what i can do about it in a positive manner. eventually the fear subsides when i calm myself and act in a progressive manner forward. often the answers may not be what i want, but they are what i NEED. 1 day @ a time…

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Who Answers?

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