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Photography by Kenny P Huge egos- blinded by greed leading us nowhere Tweeting, texting, mocking normal conversations     Pure White doves flying around carrying olive branches Shot down- silencing peace stifling truth     Confusion breeding pain & panic guns blasting away- Its children- Fear & Ignorance     Compassion communicating Commonsense listening Lifting

I came across this spoken word piece just yesterday. It’s written and performed by a beautiful Irish lady called Linda Sheridan. It’s powerful and poignant and comes straight from the heart. I was delighted when she agreed to share it on I Love Recovery Cafe. Below are some lines Linda picked out has her favourites,

**************************** When love tries, Failing to reach your ears, But, wrenching your heart with every word, Remember, That your time is yours and what you make of it That without wings you cannot fly off this hill. That some just know what they need to fulfill And some see it clearer By falling to the

    In a passion that could cook skin, Like knuckle-eyed Death at the door, The wild wind whipped Round the blind corner.   I heard the footfall, A stranger in pursuit.   I looked back and saw A well-lit mirror, An open-window-stare.   Heard some phone Call in the night.   A cry, a

I’ve got a mind That tells me to smoke Shop, eat, drink, use Anything To change how I feel That’s constantly planning Playing out Different scenarios So I feel more prepared For an uncertain future A mind that wants To control everything That’s easily irritated And likes to be right That tells me your ideas

Photography by MrClean. Concrete poetry is a type of poetry that uses some sort of visual presentation to enhance the effect of the poem on the reader. The visual layout of the poem need not necessarily form a picture, although many concrete poems do.  

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