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The Rose is located in the oceanside city of Newport Beach, California. This center is a women's only program that treats those ages 18 and older. At The Rose, women who are strugg... More

The Refuge, a Healing Pl is a 30 day to one year extended addiction treatment program that specializes in PTSD, Trauma, Substance Abuse and Process Addictions located in central Fl... More

The Landing is located in picturesque Newport Beach, California. This center aims to treat adult men who are battling with substance abuse and mental health issues. The Landing is ... More

The Camp is located on 25 acres of land in Northern California, surrounded by the Redwoods of the Santa Cruz Mountains. This center is focused on treating adult men, women, and ado... More

SUWS of the Carolinas is located in Old Fort, North Carolina and provides wilderness therapy programming. Children and adolescents between the ages of 10 and 17 can be treated at o... More

Sunrise Recovery Ranch, located in Riverside, California, provides support and treatment for those battling substance abuse and addiction. Our center offers gender-specific program... More

Our compassionate staff is committed to providing a safe, supportive environment for adolescents, adults and seniors with severe or life-threatening psychiatric problems. Adoles... More

Starlite Recovery Center is located on 55 acres in Center Point, Texas. This center treats adult men and women who struggle with substance abuse and co-occurring mental health cond... More

Southwood offers three distinct levels of care for children and adolescents throughout the tristate area. Southwood's acute psychiatric unit is co-ed for children 4-18. The intake ... More

Established in 1994, Sonora Behavioral Health is a 72-bed acute inpatient psychiatric hospital that caters to individuals who are working towards recovering from behavioral health ... More

Additional Treatment Options

3177 Fourth St N, St. Petersburg, FL, 33704

Phone: (877) 585-2955

950 E. Alex Bell Rd., Dayton, OH, 45459

Phone: (937) 340-2880

1205 S. White Chapel Blvd, Suite 215, Southlake, TX, 76092

Phone: (972) 980-5968

2924 Knight St # 434, Shreveport, LA, 71105

Phone: (318) 562-5850

25064 Lankford Hwy., Onley, VA, 23418

Phone: (757) 266-4090

Sunlakes Executive Offices, Suite 100, Tampa, FL, 33548

Phone: 888.554.6140

5715 Princess Anne Road , Virginia Beach , VA, 23462

Phone: (757) 962-0748

13241 Bartram Park Blvd., Suite 701, Jacksonville, FL, 32258

Phone: (904) 770-3181

5126 W. Grand River Ave., Suite #2, Lansing, MI, 48906

Phone: (517) 881-6199

5105 Bowden Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 374-0260

4160 University Boulevard South, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 376-3800

5105 Bowden Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 374-0260

6817 Southpoint Parkway, Suite 1704, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 600-5199

3599 University Boulevard South, Suite 601, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 367-0707

4131 University Boulevard, Building 7, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 737-1300

4237 Salisbury Road, Suite 301, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 279-1666

3101 University Boulevard, South, Suite 203, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 764-5000

Memorial Behavioral health, 3625 University Boulevard South, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 399-6027

1815 Bradley Road, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 446-4384

Southside Medical Center, 3604 Southside Boulevard, Jacksonville, FL, 32216

Phone: (904) 641-4411