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Wednesdays at 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM EST
Moderator/Facilitator: Colette Carroll E-RYT-500

About the Meeting:

Yoga Nidra is an ancient meditation technique. It’s an astonishing, accessible and effortless meditation journey that anyone can practice, whether alone, in a class or through using audio recordings. Yoga Nidra is usually done lying down and doesn’t involve physical movement. It promotes deep healing and profound rest at every level of being: energetic, mental, emotional, and intuitive.

Yoga Nidra works systematically through each aspect of our human being. First, it establishes deep physical rest and balance at a biochemical level, which enables the systems of the body (often out of sync or disturbed) to move towards optimal balance and cyclical functioning. Once Yoga Nidra enables our bodies to rest and function optimally, then we are able to restore vitality and emotional stability. The combination of deep physical rest, vitalization and settled thoughts and emotions improves health, productivity, intelligence, creativity, intuition, wisdom, and insight. Yoga Nidra can effectively relieve insomnia, depression, panic attacks and other stress-related problems, not to mention that it also helps manage chronic pain and self-examination. Colleagues around the world have found suggestions of Yoga Nidra’s efficacy in managing addictions relieving symptoms of PTSD.

About the Facilitator: Collette Carroll

Colette Carroll E-RYT-500, an accomplished professional and spokesperson, specializes in meditation and yogic approaches to addiction and health. Colette’s deepest intuition was confirmed when she discovered A Course In Miracles in 1993. She recognized that our essential nature does not share the limitations and destiny of the body and mind. Over many years, her understanding deepened to touch all levels of experience, to form what has now become RECOVERY NIDRA® A meditative approach to the 12 steps.

Colette is a yoga teacher, yoga therapist and integral breath facilitator. As the co-founder of Amrit Recovery Programs, Colette worked closely with Gurudev Amrit Desai to create recovery yoga programs for the Amrit Yoga Institute. For three years, Colette lived at the Institute and dedicated her work to serving others. She has presented programs with Tommy Rosen, Durga Leela, Dr. Jamie Marich, Dr. Charlotte Kasl and Yogi Amrit Desai.

And finally, as person in long-term recovery, Colette is committed to teaching freedom and aliveness to people suffering from the dis-ease of addiction. Colette is uniquely qualified to help people through their journey beyond addiction and pain,  a journey back to a meaningful, successful and happy life.

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