Recovery apps can give you reminders and support, wherever you are and whenever you need it.

Did you know that In The Rooms is readying a new recovery app? We’re preparing to condense all the good of our site into a more mobile-friendly version, right there in your phone. But what does a recovery app do?

Everything, But Smaller

Recovery apps provide all the things a full recovery site does: resources to understand your addiction and recovery, tools to set and monitor your recovery goals and portals to connect you with your peers in recovery. Ahead of In The Room’s upcoming app, here are five similar apps you should know.

1. 12 Steps Companion

For those in 12 Step Recovery through AA, this app holds all the relevant resources. You can use its Big Book reader, its recovery-resource search tool and its database of those in AA. It’s all available to download for just $2.99.

2. Sober Tool

A certified alcohol dependency counselor designed this app to help its users through sobriety, one motivational message, chat forum and craving support system at a time. It can send push notifications and questionnaires to guide you through the moments when you want to drink or use, and it’s available for free.

3. Afternoon Affirmations

This daily reminder (an In The Rooms creation) sends its users a daily uplifting message at 1 pm – it could be a stirring philosophy to put you into perspective, or a practical reminder about what your day could be (and all for free).

4. WeConnect

This free app gives you daily reminders to do the things you need for your recovery: calling your sponsor, attending your peer meetings and more. You get to choose which reminders you receive, and so you take charge of what your recovery includes. Not to mention that there’s a group of “clarity routines” (exercising, writing or hiking) you can also keep track of.

5. Pear ReSet

This app is the first medical assistance app which the FDA approved for substance abuse treatment, and it’s a big step toward mainstream addiction treatments via technology. Currently, you can receive the app and complete the 12-week program of lessons and weekly check-ins if you’ve got your doctor’s prescription. So far, it has eye-catching success rates as a supplement to other addiction recovery strategies.

What Now?

Maybe you should consider which recovery apps can best support your recovery. It could be one from this list. It could be another app you’ve heard about somewhere else. Wherever you find it, make sure it’s a trustworthy strategy that supports your individual recovery.

And don’t forget to keep an eye out for In The Room’s mobile app, out in spring of 2020!


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