A study published last month in Substance Abuse from the University of Pittsburgh’s School of Social Work found that there may be a connection between adults with PTSD’s depressive symptoms and their chance of opioid misuse.

The study collected information from surveys filled out at a southwestern PA pharmacy by those who were filling opioid prescriptions. There were 333 responses.

Of the responses, 15.9% reported opioid misuse, 17.1% suffered from PTSD, and 52.6% struggled with depression. Those who struggled with PTSD or depression had a 29% to 33% chance of abusing opioids.

“These data suggest that patients with PTSD and depression are at a greater risk for opioid misuse and, thus, there is an increased need for screening, assessment, and intervention protocols for this patient population,” reported the study.

Read more about the study here, and learn more about co-occurring disorders here. If you struggle with opioid misuse there is hope. Check out In The Rooms to learn more.

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  1. I absolutely believe that most times PTSD is overlooked by psychiatrists and misdiagnosed as bipolar, depression or ADD. What follows is a host of pharmaceutical drugging and no end in site because the PTSD has not been addressed.
    The side effects of the pharmaceuticals result in a far worse hell, than the original trauma and it cycles.
    Thank you for bringing attention to this.

  2. I have been for over 30 yrs diagnosed the wrong illness till i went bk and forwards to the g.p we call them U.K, Now after all these yrs of self destruction as well as there guinea pig as well all these different pills ,meds , and now i have complex P..T.S.D … It has only took them this long as they had no clue i was told i had this that, so confused by this am now doing the12 steps and i mean not a pill nor anything they says i have i still wonder? do they really know what they are doing as they are very be hind U.K , they say its bi polar , then was just depression although I was lost as id lost my dad 2 wks later i gave birth to my son then 3 yrs later my husband to be then passed away .. then i went to hospital to ask for help ..they put me in prison? as they thought i was homeless and hungry ? i was mortified am so glad i fought with the help of my family members as i turned into a lost little girl at the age 23 yrs old … now 30 yrs on am doing great my son is 25 yrs old and is a blessing to me.. was so angry at the system for years and this was due to my part as well turned to drink the drugs that they gave me too … am so glad to say am sober and clean xox o.d.a.t

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