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In an effort to combat its rising methamphetamine usage, South Dakota has launched a new PSA campaign entitled, “Meth. We’re on it.”

Yes, you read that right! The bold campaign hopes to empower South Dakotans to fight back against the meth epidemic by promoting a solution-driven cause.

Governor Kristi Noem believes methamphetamine usage is “growing at an alarming rate,” and that the new campaign will “be about solutions and hope and how every single one of us in South Dakota can partner to be ‘on meth.'”

Noem hopes the campaign will bring people together to fight against the problem and empower them to do more. There were 3,000 meth-related arrests in South Dakota last year and 13 overdose-related deaths.

Some have shared and mocked the campaign’s tagline online, making it widely known across the country. But Noem doesn’t think that’s a bad thing “The whole point of this ad campaign is to raise awareness, so I think that’s working…” she said on Twitter.

For now, the campaign has released a YouTube PSA and a website, but there will soon be commercials, billboards and advertisements promoting it. The campaign also hopes to partner with state agencies to fight addiction.

“While most of the country talks about opioids, [and] that is an issue for us, but by far our largest issue is methamphetamine … This is a strong campaign,” said Noem.
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Photo by Kyle Kranz on Unsplash



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