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In The Rooms has become the recovery home for thousands of people during the coronavirus outbreak.

Is that the good news you and others needed to hear this week?

As our members know, free access to 131 live online recovery meetings gives greater convenience to addiction recovery. And because COVID-19 has decreased interpersonal contact (and with it, addiction recovery meetings), online settings like In The Rooms have become even more convenient. Once President Trump declared COVID-19 a national emergency on March 13, ITR added 4,700 new members (by March 15). By March 18, our community had reached 600,000 members!

How did In The Rooms grow so fast?

Our ability to sustain both addiction recovery and social distancing, as Kenny Pomerance and Ronald Tannebaum explain, reached several news outlets. Now that COVID-19 keeps many people at home for health concerns, the online recovery meetings at In The Rooms have become more helpful. Many of you know that many in-person recovery meetings have stopped.

That’s why dozens of news sites spread In The Rooms to their readers. USAToday, one of the biggest names to tell our story, describes In The Rooms as a viable resource for healthy addiction recovery. Both the reporter (Jayne O’Donnell) and the readers must have appreciated what our online recovery community provides to members each day.

So What Now for In The Rooms?

Make sure to keep attending your meetings. They’ll likely receive new members who might need your help. Also, our new “Coronavirus Support Meeting,” which Dr. Sophia Caudle hosts every Monday, might ease your own worries. Our need for social distancing creates uncertainty, and quarantine poses new challenges for addiction recovery. But In The Rooms has resources to help. If you can, spread the word to those in your recovery support system. This community can give anyone haven during coronavirus.

Thanks for your commitment so far, and let’s see if you all can stay the course through these uncertain times!



  1. I’m missing meetings. I miss hearing stories of people who survived their addictions. During this time of year it might be hard for some of us, but we have to be strong and healthy, keep our heads up. Let you know that your not alone. I keep in touch with my sponsor, so in case you need someone to talk to you please call your sponsor they are phone call away. Thanks

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