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Hello In The Rooms members. We are happy to announce that starting next week, we will be commencing with our podcast.

Some of you may remember our sister site I Love Recovery Cafe, where most of our blog content was featured. There were also quite a few podcasts available with really interesting people talking about recovery in all its forms. Due to time restrictions and not having great equipment, podcasting fell by the wayside. It was one of my favorite platforms of communication with you all regarding recovery, health, healing, mental health and much more.

Next week we will start with a podcast talking about eating disorders in men, with Strength and Conditioning Coach Christopher Bent. He has personal experience with eating disorders and recovery.

I’m so excited to get started again. If you would like to feature on our podcast, please drop me a line at I want to make this podcast as diverse as possible, so I’m looking for people who want to share their personal story, professional therapists, doctors, recovery advocates, musicians…whatever you got I want.

Talk at yall next week. xx




  1. Colette Marie Conover Reply

    I love the idea of ITR Podcasts. If Dr.Phil can do it, so can we. I havea long story as I am 62 and have had AA in my life since I was 8. Have 2 long term sobrieties. Both are near 15 yrs each. I call them twin peaks because they are both near 15 yrs each they are not equal in quality. The quality was great for both and the second sobriety has not hit it’s peak yet. Keep up the good works.

  2. James Soukup Reply

    Hello there. I’ve been perusing through the site for the first time. I’m a sixty year old musician who had realized ” I don’t want to live like this, but I don’t want to die” I play trumpet, sing…. .if it hadn’t been for my music and it’s spiritual relationship for me to the universal i don’t believe I’d be here today. I humbly offer offer any service in what ever capacity on In The Rooms

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