Nothing puts a strain on a family quite like substance abuse and its inevitable fallout. June Saturday Night at the Movies presented by the  REEL Recovery Film Festival film “Small Town Remedies” offers such a story. It follows two adult children who must put their lives on pause. Amidst watershed personal moments they also take care of their alcoholic mother, while confronting their own struggles with addiction.
Director R.W Perkins’ second feature film triumph, “Small Town Remedies” debuted last year at the Virtual REEL Recovery Film Festival. Perkins, a  Colorado native, felt it important that the film be shot in his home state. Thus the film was set for production in Loveland, Colorado.

The cast and story.

Perkins’ cast features actress Andrea Dratch (Lita), known for her biting quips and burning lamentations. As the cynical older sister, daughter, and wife, her marriage is crumbling. Lita, though callous and resentful of her husband Vincent (Marc Brown), is more affected than she lets on by the undeniable end of her marriage. Her angst is apparent by the great lengths she goes to, to retrieve her wedding ring from Bodie (Keehnan Anderson), Lita’s young partner in a torrid affair.
Both Evan, played by Ty Sells,  and Lita are driven to indulge in their alcoholism in the wake of the anniversary of their father’s death. Sells’ character feels particularly burdened by this. He battles crippling self-loathing and fear of becoming the spitting image of their father. Dealing with his fathers’ suicide, internal struggle propels Evan to focus on finding and rehabilitating his mother (Sally Knudsen). Will saving his mother be proof of his opposition to his father’s decisions in life?

Familial bond.

Evan feels called to rally for his mother in the name of familial dedication. Lita however, is deflated and indignant about being saddled with the responsibility of their mother’s sobriety. When Vincent confronts Lita about the affair and evicts her from their home, it is Carly (Sally Knudsen) alone by her side ready to help Lita pick up the pieces of her shattered reality.
These three interwoven stories show lives splintering under the weight of interrelational trials and tribulations. What emerges is a beautiful and genuine story of a family bond. One that shines light on what familial struggle with addiction looks like and how devotion can defend against even the harshest obstacles.
Tune in Saturday, June 12th at 6pm Pacific, 9pm Eastern.
Small Town Remedies is unrated ( mature content and sexual situations)

Michaela Baxter is a recent high school graduate with a passion for screenwriting and directing. In her free time she is producing an art and poetry magazine entirely comprised of work from her “Gen Z” peers. With several screenplays and short films under her belt, she will be attending Syracuse University in the fall to study TV, Film, and Radio with a concentration in screenwriting and a minor in business.

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  1. DonJohnson Reply

    I done lived in a small town Flagstaff ,AZ which was also a college town.The only thing to do in a small town is get wasted to help with the boredom !Country Boys & Girls Gettin Down On The Farm a song by Tim McGraw.
    What you gonna do there watch the crops gro, or sharpen the lawn tractor blade for fun? And they make good Moonshine, have plenty of farm fertilizer to make Meth and grow weed in the County. It’s party time.Excuse me I have to go its 420! The cows are calling!

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