On October 6, 2022, In the Rooms celebrated 14 years of bringing recovery to the virtual world on a global scale. With this celebration came the launch of a new, modern website redesign.
The website was modified with several things in mind for our community, with the main reasons being:
  • You do not need to use the Apps anymore. Just go to www.InTheRooms.com from your phones, tablets and computers for the best experience. Our site is fully functional on any browser on any device.
  • A home page that gives users everything they need in one glance.
  • The sensitive, time-stamped attendance verifications are available for all of our members, if needed. These are not legal documents however they are accepted by most parole, probations and other professionals.
Because of these changes, it is very important that anyone using the mobile app should navigate to www.intherooms.com from any browser on your mobile device and log in with your ITR credentials. This may require a change in your password, something that can be achieved by sending a ticket to the help desk.
Our members can help others who might be unaware by spreading the word to your fellows about these changes.

As always, we are here to help you with your online recovery experience and make it as technologically simple as we can. Always feel free to reach out via a technical support ticket, if needed, or ask another trusted member of the website for guidance.


Leslie Cannata has been a member of In The Rooms since her sobriety date, May 4, 2019. She takes service work in her recovery circles very seriously, remembering The Responsibility Statement: "I am responsible – when anyone, anywhere reaches out for help." She can be found on site under the username LeslieC and values our members and their recovery journey. Leslie is a music educator and performer and enjoys legal holidays and summer vacations.


  1. I don’t understand why I m going to the old site not the newest version its ugly when your phone becomes corrupt

  2. I did it 3as erased my phone goes to old site format as sicker some of people are at attempts to break cause anonymity and support

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