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I feel like the last two years have morphed into one and I’m not the only one who feels like this. Covid had a spectacularly negative effect on most of us, and I personally feel like I’ve woken up from a bad dream. It’s taken me some time to readjust back into the real world after long periods of lockdown and serious issues with my own health.

I slipped back into some old ways of being. Extreme anxiety and depression hit me hard and some self-destructive patterns began knocking on my door loudly. 2022 for me, felt as though I was relearning how to be an adult again. Don’t get me wrong though, some really awesome stuff happened too, but achieving anything felt akin to pushing a boulder uphill.

We made it!

But, I’m sitting here writing this on the 28th of December, so I made it. Anyone who is reading this made it and we have undoubtedly learned some incredible lessons. I know I did and that period of living in the twilight zone has brought me back to myself like I’ve never been before. It’s true for the other members of my family also. All of us went through this metamorphosis and emerged out of our cocoons as better versions of ourselves. We did some serious healing during all the Covid downtime without the usual daily routine keeping us distracted from what lay beneath. We were then catapulted into 2022 in our updated bodies understanding ourselves better.

A new way of being

Of course, with better understanding comes change and I am no longer able to function in situations that are stressful or just plain ridiculous. I now work less, spend less, tolerate less, need less, and worry less. I’ve let go of the compulsion to be busy consistently and rest knowing it’s just as important as productivity. Embracing what was important to me when I was a purer version of myself, a child, has been a huge payoff.  I’ve started playing piano again, I laugh all the time, I speak my mind, I lavish my husband and children with love and I’m happy.

I let it go. All the nonsense of having, doing, and getting has been swapped for being, appreciating, and loving and I didn’t even have to try. It was the natural result of having that downtime and break from the norm and reemerging as just me. I have no expectations or resolutions for myself in 2023. I’m rolling into the new year just as I am with a smile on my face and love in my heart. Oh, and with two new puppies to add to my already large collection of pets. We pick them up today – EXCITEMENT.

So let it go people! What are you hanging onto that drains you daily and makes little sense these days? What can you let go of and leave behind in 2022 that in your heart you know is not right for you?



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