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Bestselling author Harriet Hunter has announced that her award-winning, bestselling book, Miracles of Recovery, is now available in a special collector’s edition, just in time for the  holidays. The e-book version of the book will be available at no charge on Amazon December 5 through December 7, 2022.

The updated version of the book features 365-daily inspiration that has helped thousands of people in recovery. No matter who you are or where you are, no matter your status or position, you can recover. Alcoholics and drug addicts need support and they need tools. The support is in place, in every segment of our society, as are the necessary tools.
Harriet Hunter’s bestselling book, Miracles of Recovery, is one such tool. Miracles of Recovery was written not just for those addicted, but for the parents, the spouses – anyone touched by the disease, because addiction is a family affair.

Using the foundation of 12-Step Recovery, Miracles of Recovery embraces holistic suggestions as a practical approach for those who must face life on life’s terms, clean and sober. Encouraging and thought-provoking, Miracles of Recovery inspires with Universal Truths, “Because,” Harriet says, “once we know better, we do better.”

“With enough willingness, Miracles of Recovery has the power to change the way we think through association and implementation of exercises and suggestions, Hunter stated. “When we change the way we think, our actions follow. Each day’s message encourages us to open our hearts to the unlimited possibility of hope and self-worthiness, courage, and recovery. One day at a time, one page at a time, we will transform ourselves, becoming the person we have always wanted to be.

“Many of you continue, as part of your daily ritual, to enjoy Miracles of Recovery. If I’m speaking to you, I hope you will find the enhanced versions of these passionate 365-daily reads even more inspiring.”

“The new Collectors Edition is the gift that answers a need to understand and support those we love and care for in and around the rooms of recovery. Miracles of Recovery brings to the heart of every user, to evaluate where their feet are just for today and to make tough but necessary decisions about the path they are on. It is written by someone who has experienced the same self-loathing, the same despair, someone who still lives the daily journey that is recovery.”

Harriet offers a personal, sometimes raw, reflection of the truth about addiction seldom seen elsewhere. She uses examples, based on experience, as to how many can achieve long-term sobriety by embracing new behavior and positive reinforcement.

The new edition is available at Amazon. The e-book version of the book will be available at no charge on Amazon December 5 through December 7, 2022.


Beth H., who goes by the pseudo-name Harriet Hunter, is a writer based in Tallahassee, Florida and the author of the highly popular and award-winning daily read, "Miracles of Recovery."

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