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  After rehab, I entered ‘the rooms’ as a protocol for what I, and others, believed would be helpful. I was desperate to overcome the feelings that I had tried to outrun my entire life. As life would have it, my life improved for some time. I went religiously to meetings three times a week,

  If drug addiction were to place a Help Wanted add, it may read something like this! Our company has a fabulous opportunity to offer those of you who are qualified. First, the suitable candidates for this job will be those who have never done a drug before, or for those who are currently in recovery

My body is ravaged My soul is torn I have smothered my spirit My mind is clouded My heart full of shame And I shake with fear Can I keep trying to start over & begin again & again What must it take for me to get off this ride Will I even be able

  There’s a saying that’s so familiar yet one most addicts and alcoholics in recovery continually forget…. ….“Pain is optional”. How many times do we have to hit the same wall before we start doing things differently? The answer varies from one recovering addict to the next. In early recovery, we blindly make choices that

  After the alcohol and drugs are gone, what’s next? The path of recovery, followed closely with the gifts of sobriety may seem like a hard sell at first. I remember that very day, when I was being asked to choose between the comforts and certainty of active addiction, or choose the great uncertainty of

Back in September, I shared with you all about some roommate issues I was having and the changes I made to remedy the situation. Here we are seven months later and guess what? New roommate issues. First, let me ask you this; have you ever had roommates? Ah, then you know at times it can

  In the last several of years, a small sub-faction of therapists, primarily those who label themselves “sexologists,” have publicly and vociferously argued that sex addiction is not a real disorder. Most recently this occurred with a wildly misinformed article published in The Therapist. (If you’re curious, you can find that article here.) Interestingly, these

I made a pot of my favourite Ethiopian coffee this morning, like I do every morning. As I flicked through my emails, I realised I hadn’t got my cup in front of me. I had left it down somewhere in the house, and now I couldn’t remember where. After ten minutes of searching and getting

  Step Four: Made a searching and fearless moral inventory of ourselves. For many recovering addicts, step four is a huge sticking point in their recovery. The idea of taking a long, hard look at themselves and their behavior just isn’t appealing – especially if they’re still engaging in the type of denial that externalizes


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