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Many recovering addicts choose to seek help in therapy as well as twelve step rooms. Sometimes this begins with a stay at an inpatient rehab followed by standard outpatient therapy. Other times addicts skip rehab and seek standard outpatient treatment right away. Either way, therapists who specialize in addiction treatment (and even those who don’t)

    Holidays, families and people living in recovery. A time to have an attitude of gratitude or just an attitude. Which do you choose? The holidays are stressful for everyone…lots of shopping and cooking. Lots of spending…sometimes beyond our means. Lots of parties. Lots of booze. Lots of cookies. And since we are spending

In October I was invited to visit Alpine Horizons, a new rehabilitation facility in Switzerland that deals with addiction treatment and preventative programs for those at risk. I was given access to some of the program activities and taken through the program structures, all of which are impressive. Their team of international experts is headed

Pretty much every recovering addict knows about 12-step meetings, sponsorship, working the steps, and going to therapy. And much of the time those tools are enough to establish and maintain early sobriety. Over time, however, addicts inevitably encounter situations where those highly useful forms of support are not available. In such cases, it is wise

  This Saturday, with a little bit of luck, I’ll be celebrating 34 years in Recovery. Very often at this time of year, I start reflecting on things that have happened in my life, and just how I got to this place filled with gratitude. I looked down at my keychain, and there, staring me

      Where were you when I was sitting alone in the parking lot of the motel we called home? Where were you when I picked up that needle and stuck myself with it? Where were you? You knew he had HIV/AIDS. I used to cry and feel so lonely without you there. So

  Recovery is a program of action. We are encouraged to “participate in our own recovery”, to work the twelve steps until they work IN us. Being complete, being exhaustive in our efforts is highly recommended. In the big book of AA we are nearly promised a life free of relapse when we practice the


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