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Alcohol and drugs affect many different organs in the body but it is the liver that processes toxic substances. Misuse of any chemical substance, including drugs and alcohol, can overwork the liver and cause damage. However, restoring your liver health after substance misuse is possible, depending on the extent of disease. Of course, it begins with abstinences from these substances and at very least cutting way back.

Diseases of the liver

A common liver problem that may develop due to alcohol misuse is fatty liver or steatosis. Symptoms may not be noticed, but the liver could still be tender and enlarged. Thankfully this condition is almost always reversible. The more severe the addiction, the longer it may take for the liver to get back to normal function. Adopting some new lifestyle choices can speed up the recovery.

Another condition that may affect the liver is hepatitis, which is a more serious condition. Symptoms include yellowing of the skin and whites of the eyes, vomiting, fever, nausea, and body aches. Hepatitis C is the most serious form of the disease and is transferred from one person to another through sharing of infected needles.

Cirrhosis of the liver is another disease caused by alcohol misuse. Scar tissue replaces healthy tissue in the liver and prevents the liver from working properly. The damage caused by cirrhosis can’t be reversed and can eventually become so severe that your liver stops working. Cirrhosis symptoms include jaundice, fatigue, abdominal pain, and fever. About ten percent of those who develop cirrhosis will die without any symptoms presenting whatsoever.

What you can do

Anyone who has ever read my work knows that my insistence on taking responsibility for my own health has had enormous benefits for me. Of course, the first port of call should be your medical professional for any health issue. We always need a proper diagnosis to be able to make informed choices about our own health. For me, those informed choices have mostly swung toward non-pharmaceutical options. However, when needs be I have chosen pharmaceutical options. As a person who needs insulin several times a day to stay alive, I’m supremely grateful for the knowledge of the medical profession.

However, without my own interventions regarding my health, I wouldn’t be where I am now. Everyone can support their own wellbeing and health by educating themselves and taking action.

Alternative paths to a healthy liver

Thankfully, and maybe through sheer luck, I’ve never had to deal with a damaged liver. However, for those who do need to address this issue, there are lots of ways to support yourself. In fact, supporting your liver regardless of damage or not is a prudent exercise. With ever-increasing toxins in our environment, our liver function may be compromised anyway so these tips may help those who have never had any issues with addictive behavior.

My go-to for my own health support is herbs. I write with confidence about my experience because of the results I have experienced. Some excellent herbs to support your liver follow below.

Green tea –

This is a potent healer which has been used for thousands of years. It is full of antioxidants, Vitamins A, C & E, Minerals, potassium, and manganese. All these are essential for good health. The added advantage is that it increases the enzymes in the liver to help with the detoxification process. One or two cups a day is plenty as overconsumption creates other problems.

Milk Thistle –

This herb contains a flavonoid group shown to have liver-protective properties. It works by destroying free radicals, therefore, protecting liver cells from oxidative damage. It also stimulates the regeneration of new liver cells. These properties of Milk Thistle make it a great treatment option for liver diseases.

Turmeric Root –

Turmeric root is a spice used for thousands of years in food and as a medicinal remedy. It contains curcumin, a compound with potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. Again this helps with supporting the liver in the detoxification process. It’s important to check for any possible interactions with pharmaceuticals you may be taking. Check with your doctor and do your own research before taking.

Garlic –

Garlic is a powerhouse when it comes to our general health. Again it contains powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. Taking raw garlic or garlic powder capsules is the most effective way to gain the benefits of this powerful healer. Again it’s important to monitor intake and check for any possible interactions with drugs.

There are many other options to choose from when deciding on which herbs and natural supplements are right for you. It’s a good idea to book an appointment with a herbalist for the best advice and natural health stores have staff who are very knowledgeable also. A balanced diet, sufficient hydration, and a daily walk can help support your whole body and therefore take the stress from your liver also. Never underestimate the basics.





  1. Holistics are the only things that really work.
    I got Vitamin B-12 shots for a year and took some
    nasty Myadec pills at the same time,and I survived.
    My Cirrosis doesn’t bother me at all.

  2. Kevin Blacke Reply

    I had hep.,C. I used Harvoni pills for recommended 90 days. No side affects. It was very hard to get a few years ago now it’s eaiser with the right doctor.
    The hep is completely gone.

  3. I had to use the interferon back in the day it was quite honestly hell mostly stayed busy self employed just doing what I could witch was 7 hours most days. I added acupuncture milk thistle, green tea all day, some turmeric with cooking. Drank lots of water and slept as much as I could. These days there are much better treatments. The basic stayed the same used my support meditation meetings all the self care I could. Remission has been over 23 years. Here is the bonus: it’s behind me now and the routine made me develop habit that helps me each day. I don’t regret anything. I don’t worry I just do self care. Finding out at 7 years clean it has paid off and still going.

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