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National Recovery Month is observed every September, and it honors the efforts of all those involved in the alcohol and substance addiction recovery community. This month-long event is all about disseminating news about treatment innovations, as well as the manifold personal successes and struggles of patients nationwide. For his Proclamation on National Recovery Month, President Biden highlighted the necessity of engaging with positive mental, emotional and physical well-being to bolster and sustain recovery outcomes. He said, “It is essential to people’s well-being, to find joy and meaning, to take care of themselves.”

Spa therapies are one tried and trusted method of self-care. They are holistic, devoid of side effects, and can be tailored to suit the unique sensitivities of the patient at all stages during the recovery process. Here’s how a selection of spa therapies can aid those who are on the road to recovery from alcohol and substance addiction.

Implementing a Just Reward

Contingency management is a well-regarded counseling technique that may be adopted by therapists during the recovery process. It utilizes the concept and delivery of safe rewards to encourage abstinence from harmful alcohol or substance use. These rewards are also referred to as motivational incentives and can assume many forms. Spa therapy gift vouchers or even spa therapy sessions that are financed by the patient themselves constitute one of the more holistic and least problematic of all rewards. They provide positive effects and have minimal potential for inciting further addictive behaviors.

Contingency management is based upon the psychological concept of operant conditioning whereby humans tend to gravitate towards behaviors that have positive consequences over those that have negative consequences. In the case of a patient in recovery from alcohol or substance abuse, it would be appropriate to allocate the rewards of a spa therapy treatment when certain milestones of the recovery process are achieved. It may also be wise to consider delaying them if the patient reverts to harmful behaviors.

Aloha Relaxation and Recuperation

Combining leisure travel with spa therapies is a surefire way to boost physical, emotional and mental health during recovery. If you go for a spa treatment on holiday, for example, you’ll surely benefit from the positive effects of a getaway in conjunction with the spa therapies themselves.

Due to the psychological and physical stresses of alcohol and substance addiction, you’ll likely experience an accumulation of tension in your body and mind, as well as elevated levels of anxiety and perhaps pain. Spa therapies, such as the traditional Hawaiian lomi lomi massage, are an ideal way to release tension and return your entire body to balance and harmony.

Touch for Wellness

Whatever treatment approach you subscribe to, it’s likely to be a journey that is taxing on your physical and emotional state. Physical and psychological pain may be present at all stages of recovery, from early detoxification to later-stage healing of the patient’s mind and body. Spa therapies can be an effective and enjoyable complementary activity to any counseling and/or medicative treatment attended during recovery.

Of the growing litany of treatments on offer in today’s spa facilities, massage is among the most conventional and the most effective. Massage therapy has a wide range of applications in the recovery process. Foremost. it can alleviate some of the physical aches and pains often associated with withdrawal from alcohol and substance use. These may include headaches, insomnia and muscular tension in various areas of your body, Massage is also a safe way to experience pleasure in a personalized nurturing environment, which can be beneficial for your mental health.

Counseling, group therapy, medical interventions and bespoke in and outpatient treatment programs, are the bedrock of successful recovery from alcohol and substance addiction. Spa therapies can be powerful supplements to treatment. Aimed at relaxation, nervous system regulation and holistic mind and body care, they can play a pivotal role in supporting you to live a healthier and more joyful life. As National Recovery Month rolls on, consider taking the time to try this unique and safe method of self-care to engage with the recovery process.


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