Recovery from alcohol addiction can be a challenging and complex process that involves overcoming physical and psychological dependence on alcohol. During this time, some individuals may think they have the strength to drink in moderation without anyone knowing. This may include lying to themselves or others about their alcohol consumption, hiding their drinking habits, or denying that they have a problem. 

For Phil, the lies and excuses caused by the disease of addiction ultimately made him feel like he had lost control of his life. “I was completely lying to myself for so long that it just got worse and worse to the point that it was crippling,” he remembers. “I was drinking 24/7, full obsession, and it cost me my relationships with people I love.”

While many different resources are available for individuals who want to overcome addiction and rebuild trust with loved ones, Soberlink is a proven, “no-buts-about it” way to help people stay accountable and improve recovery outcomes.

“I remember seeing people talk about Soberlink,” says Phil. What he didn’t understand before trying Soberlink was that “It was just the bull**** cutter, you know? It was unavoidable. There’s no excuses.”

What is Soberlink?

Soberlink is a remote alcohol monitoring system and not just a breathalyzer. 

Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Soberlink allows individuals like Phil to have freedom and autonomy during the recovery process while staying accountable. It is a simple way to earn your loved ones’ trust back. With scheduled testing, clients are never surprised about when they are expected to blow into the device, helping to decrease testing anxiety and acting like a deterrent when drinking- triggers arise.

 “If you weren’t blowing in that machine, you obviously had a reason not to be blowing in it,” Phil describes. “That was the difference maker for me. That machine is undeniable in keeping you accountable to specific people.”

Soberlink ensures that there is no way to mess with test results by utilizing advanced sensors that are built directly into each unit. Following each test, Soberlink also confirms the user’s identity with facial recognition. Once identity has been established, real-time results are sent directly to your specified contacts in a color-coded format, with each color representing a passed (green), failed (red), or missed (yellow) test. Users and their contacts also receive calendar-format reports to review testing patterns on any given day. Users are encouraged to share these daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports with friends, family, therapists, recovery coaches, or others in their recovery circle for strengthened accountability and improved trust. 

“All those green dots on [my reports] three times a day… that was riveting for people to receive,” says Phil. “Sometimes I remember my mom getting excited every week as it would be more and more perfect – from this relapse zone of reds and yellows galore… to green after green.”

In addition, the remote breathalyzer is small and discrete, which makes taking it with you wherever you go as simple as throwing it in your purse or pocket. You never have to worry about discretion or “outing” yourself if you plan on keeping your sobriety journey private. And, because you will never be surprised or thrown off guard by a test, you become in charge of your own destiny. 

Why is Soberlink Successful?

For those struggling with Alcohol Use Disorder (AUD), accountability is one of the most important elements of the recovery process. Without accountability, getting sober and staying sober becomes increasingly more challenging. 

“I felt so good having that proof in my life for myself and for others that they could rest easy knowing that I’m not cheating in my program again,” Phil expresses.

Soberlink’s mission is to destigmatize alcohol addiction and make staying accountable more accessible for those struggling with alcohol addiction. 

The following details three main reasons why Soberlink can help you get and stay sober:

Scheduled Tests 

When you know a test is coming that will be shared with loved ones, it encourages you to stay sober as a result. Many clients find it beneficial to schedule tests during high trigger points, like right when they get home from work, for example, which can help replace drinking with a test instead.

With scheduled tests, Phil knew that his loved ones would immediately know if he needed help. “It wasn’t six months later that people found out I was drunk,” he says. “And whether I liked it or not, everyone knew immediately. I got wired differently by having to check in every day, several times a day, and have that measure on me.”

Sharing Abilities

Sharing your results with those championing your recovery often makes it much harder to justify a drink and fail a test because your support network will know instantly. Being accountable to others and the fear of disappointing people who support you can keep you from slipping or relapsing and help you to stay away from alcohol.

This accountability helped Phil rebuild trust with his loved ones. “Blowing in that machine without any reservations or hesitance was the amend to my mother,” he says. “It was the amend to my family. It was the proof of the sincerity of my recovery that final time.”

Advanced Reporting Capabilities

Soberlink’s Advanced Reporting allows you to map your progress and see how far you have come month over month, making it one of the biggest motivators during recovery. If you continue to pass the tests, the positive reinforcement encourages you to stay on track. If you notice you are missing tests or failing occasionally, you can also use that to your advantage, exploring whether there is a pattern for when you fail. For example, maybe there are certain times of day, people, or other environmental factors that are triggering your drinking events. Soberlink’s easy-to-digest reporting system can help you, a loved one, or a treatment professional offer support and make adjustments as needed.

For Phil, these Soberlink reports were the “crutch” that helped him in his recovery. “I’m very grateful to Soberlink for being that missing part of the puzzle that got me into full accountability.” 

Real-Life Success Stories

Many people like Phil are finding success and recovery with Soberlink’s Alcohol Monitoring system. 

Remember, you don’t have to go through this journey alone. With the right tools and support, sobriety can be your new reality.

“I promise you that that investment will save you months, if not years, of deeper struggles, and what do you have to lose?” asks Phil. “There’s no getting around the machine. If you’re serious about getting sober, are you willing to prove it two or three times a day, until it just becomes that you’re not even needing to prove you’re sober, and you just are? That’s what happened to me. It helped kind of make that miracle complete.”


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  1. Sobriety begins with a committment to abstanance. As communicated to Roland Hazzard by Dr. Carl Jung, which became one of the four support pillars upon which AA is based, being an alcoholic of that type is hopeless and results in premature death or incarceration. The only slight hope to abstain has been in a complete spiritual renew. That was 1931.
    Roland believed it and got sober. He shared with another guy. They shared with Ebby Thacker who shared with Bill Wilson who shared with Dr. Bob. I believed in that process and Feb 12, 2023 marked my 51st year sobriety. My sponsor is 58 years sober.

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