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Who Answers? has seen an unprecedented rise in traffic to the site in the past eighteen months. A good deal of this traffic was due to covid restrictions, which meant many people in recovery couldn’t get to their meetings or other social events. Thankfully kept running throughout and filled that gap for thousands of recovering people around the world. And those new members to the website haven’t left. The attendees at some of the online meetings reach over three hundred. It goes without saying that continues to be an incredible resource for people in recovery. However, with the increase in website activity sometimes IT issues arise. Want the best experience possible on Read on for toubleshooting tips!

Troubleshooting Tips

The first thing to note is that there is no need to use any Apps anymore. For the best quality experience on ITR, please go to from your phone, tablet, or computer.

If you’ve been having issues when either chairing or attending meetings on ITR, we would ask you to read the tips available on the following links.

Browser Choice: Our platform is best suited to Google Chrome. The second browser we recommend is Fire Fox.

How to clear temporary files:  (this method should be used regularly, particularly by meeting chairpersons, as ITR’s bandwidth and meeting quality take up a lot of space on your device). Get the details of how to carry out this very quick task HERE

Meeting Attendance Verification: Another regular query received by our team is how to get meeting attendance verification. You can find how to do this HERE

Video Meeting Tutorials: If you need some help with attending meetings, we have some video tutorials which you can find HERE

ITR Basics: You can find a tutorial on how to get started on ITR HERE

All of this information is readily available at any time on our homepage under the tab Technical Support.

We really hope you enjoy your recovery experience at




  1. Video may have saved a few lives for a time but
    it is killing plenty now that live has arrived back.

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