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What Happens
Alcohol is an offender
The craving sits wanting
And thought that is
In thought
To stop the mean abusive thinking
Of drinking drinking drinking
Drinking and drowning
Eating, eating
Nibbling and sleeping
Deep in this Mass corrosive
Experiencing explosions
Explosive thoughts and confusion
Stops and starts
Saved by you
Save you

Bio: Lisa is a woman in recovery after decades of struggle with addiction. She spent a good part of 10 years carrying her message by pioneering 12 step meetings in her city, creating safe places for other women to find recovery. Then she took her service work to another level.. After 30 yrs away from radio work (which she studied in high school and early college), she researched, wrote and broadcasted a show focusing on recovery tools which is still being aired 3 days a week locally and internationally. Now realizing that she would like to have a lucrative career (possibly continuing carrying her recovery message), she is going back to college to finish her degree in audio engineering and music production. At the age of 31 she found out she was a poet with an editor's choice award from for "What Happens", which she has submitted to intherooms' writing for wellness.

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  1. I’m relieved and know that I can count on peer support. In the rooms helps to make it easier and more mobile.

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