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The governor of Florida had locked down our state, joining a growing group of governors from other states. Things are becoming increasingly uncertain for many millions of Americans. With COVID-19 dominating the news and stay-at-home orders widespread, what is allowed? What is safe? And what is essential?

One thing’s for sure. Recovery from addiction is absolutely essential.

For addicts currently in the grip of their addiction, or addicts close to relapsing, or having just relapsed, times like these can be incredibly dangerous. An addiction, left unchecked, can quickly spiral out of control.

Normally, when that happens, an addict will reach out for help controlling their addiction, help getting and staying sober. But right now, every government and healthcare official is talking about social distancing, not gathering in groups, staying home, etc. Is it safe to get help right now? Is it safe to go into a facility for the 2-4 weeks that detox and rehab will encompass?

“While I cannot speak to other facilities, I can say with utmost certainty that it is absolutely safe to reach out for, and receive help from, Compass Detox,” says Compass’ chief medical officer Dr. Drew Lieberman.

Many facilities around the nation are dealing with this current crisis right now, with a varying level of results. Speaking of his own facility’s efforts, Dr. Lieberman outlines what Compass Detox is doing to ensure client and staff safety.

“Our medical team, myself included, are constantly monitoring the situation surrounding COVID-19, both here in Florida and throughout the rest of the nation,” Dr. Lieberman said. “We are implementing all of the suggestions and requirements from our local, state and federal governments, as well as implementing policies that are far above and beyond those suggestions and requirements.”

“Our medical supplies are currently sufficient, both for continuing the very important work of guiding our clients through a comfortable detox and into the rehab and ultimate sobriety that follows that detox, and for the possibility of a positive case of COVID-19 within our facility.”

“To that end,” Dr. Lieberman explains, “we have instituted a number of added medical controls to help ensure the safety and security of our clients and staff. Compass Detox has always been, and will continue to be, a professional medical facility. The protocols that go along with that are very stringent.

“Adding onto that,” he says, “We are checking for signs and symptoms on all clients and staff multiple times daily, have increased our medical screening capabilities at admission, we are upping our already impressive game in the Facilities department, ensuring exemplary sanitary conditions exist throughout the facility as well.”

“We have an emergency plan in place that will be enacted should anyone develop signs and symptoms of COVID-19 or have a positive test result,” Dr. Lieberman stresses. This plan will help to ensure both the safety and comfort of whomever may test positive, should that ever happen, and the safety and security of the other clients and staff within the facility.”

As for specifics above and beyond medical and facilities precautions, Dr. Lieberman notes that Compass Detox has:

  • postponed all community outings for clients;
  • limited all visitors to only those absolutely essential;
  • required that staff who are sick stay and/or work from home;
  • implemented social distancing within the facility;
  • increased safety and cleanliness protocols within the dining services team;
  • increased the distribution of antibacterial soaps and wipes throughout the facility, and much more.

“My colleagues and myself are fully committed to ensuring that this crisis does not disrupt the very important work happening within Compass Detox. We are all working diligently to that end. Compass Detox is open, accepting admissions, and ready to serve anyone who is struggling with their addiction,” Dr. Lieberman said.

Left unchecked, addiction can ruin and end lives. Addiction does not take time off during a crisis, and neither does Compass Detox. If you are struggling with addiction during this time, call 800.26.DETOX or visit for help today.

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