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My mother, whose name, ironically, was HOPE, had a little ponytail palm in a small flowerpot in her kitchen for over a decade. It NEVER grew! She called the plant “HOPE” because she always believed that it would grow one day. Every day, she would spray it with water and give it plant food. She moved it around her apartment so that it would always get the best light. She believed that it was a bonsai tree and it WAS growing, albeit very slowly.
When she passed away, the family went through her apartment taking the things that would most remind us of her.

None of us wanted the responsibility of taking home that ugly little ponytail plant. My wife Jamie said we should take it home, and for a little while, it sat in our kitchen, just like it sat in my Mom’s but it didn’t get enough sunlight.
One day, I took it into our backyard and planted it next to a little fountain surrounded by bougainvillea and orchids. It began to grow… and grow… and it continues to grow! It’s now 13 years later and the tiny little plant is now close to 50 feet tall. It has 6 new trunks and is seemingly unstoppable!

Whenever I look at that tree, I am reminded of my Mom. I’m reminded of HOPE. You see, when you have HOPE, and you give it some love, and some room to grow… it will FLOURISH! I will always have HOPE in my heart! I miss you, mom! Wishing you all a Happy Mother’s Day!

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  1. Tina Young Reply

    I’ve just read the true story about a mother alled Hope. What a beautiful way to remember your Mum 💜

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