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After years of abusing our body with drugs and alcohol and neglecting our health, our immunity will have taken a beating and we will need some extra help to protect ourselves. With the Flu season upon us there are many things we can do to protect ourselves from getting sick. We are encouraged by the FDA to have our Flu Shot and our media reinforces hand washing and antibacterial gels that are surrounding many of our supermarkets, medical facilities and hospitals. We ultimately make our own decision regarding a flu shot and millions choose to follow this suggestion. My  personal concerns are recent studies that show that,s levels of mercury in the vaccine are incredibly high. Mercury is a metal and therefore is toxic to the body. It is wise to do our own research and investigation of what we are putting in our bodies.

So if this is not a road we want to take, what else can we do? The words “mindful” and “pay attention” are the mantras for our new way of thinking around health and wellbeing.  Nurturing our body mind and spirit is threefold and when we focus a bit more on creativity with attention to detail it can be fun and really interesting.

Once I realized that certain foods decreased the Immune System by as much as 50% and for as long as five hours after eating them, this fact  really helped get my attention. During our flu season I especially pay strict attention to  the following information.

Foods to avoid, especially when out and about are in the family of refined sugars. Theses include white sugar, white flour, ice cream, cake, cookies etc.  If we are in our own homes and we want to indulge in this type of  treat, it is best to be in our own environment ensuring less threat to our immunity.

Vitamins, like vitamin A in the form of Beta Carotene is very good for the Immune System.. This offers protection from environmental chemicals and bacteria that weaken the Immune Health. Our skin acts like a sponge, absorbing all things that it comes in contact with externally. Looking at the topical creams, shampoos and body soaps we use is a great place to start. Choosing products with natural ingredients rather than ones with high levels of chemical additives can reduce the toxicity in our body greatly and take the pressure off our immune system.  

Here are some foods we can eat that help to protect our Immune Health.

Sweet potatoes eaten with fat helps the digestive system absorb the nutrients better. So go ahead and add your pat or two of butter or olive or grapeseed oils. Top with cinnamon and a tablespoon of grade A maple syrup, or Agave Nectar. Change it up to keep it interesting to the pallet. Eat at least three per week and enjoy!   .

All the orange colored fruits and veggies offer Beta Carotene. Be creative and have fun. This vitamin is supportive to our white blood cell activity. These white cells support the Immune system and help our body to stay healthy.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt contains Lactobacillus Reuteri, a specific probiotic that helps to build the white blood cells. I like to get the plain low fat and add a tablespoon of Polaner all fruit jams or fresh fruit, topped with a Kashi high protein option cereal. This is great for part of a breakfast variety, snacks or even as part of lunch or a healthy dessert.   

Garlic cloves contain allicin which is released when open to air and is great for fighting bacteria and infection. For best benefits lightly toss in high heat tolerant oil such as olive or grape seed. Less cooking time is best. I add some to food at the beginning for flavor and some at the end for a quick warming and softening for best potency.

Chicken soup really does benefit your health. As well as being comforting to eat when we get sick it also acts as a preventative. The amino acid cysteine is released while cooking and this acts as an inflammatory response to the bronchial airways and helps to keep them strong and healthy.

Organically grown white and green tea are huge immune boosters. Remember that all teas are not grown equally. Shaklee make a fine powder green tea can be used hot or cold. They also carry a pomegranate for extra antioxidants in its purest fine forms.

Zinc is a soft tissue healer and is added to lozenges and recommend for faster healing during illness. Keep in mind that a mild zinc deficiency can increase your risk of infection.

Lastly, and importantly, whole food supplementation is needed to feed the body on a level that is very difficult for us to get in diet alone. Whole food means that the body recognizes the food supplement as food and not an invader that sets up fight or flight to the Immune System’s response. They are not all made equally and on the contrary many have binders, fillers and dyes that can be toxic and also interfere with absorption.

A Multivitamin and Mineral supplement that is food based can be more easily absorbed by the body and plays a major role in supporting the Immune System. Landmark studies and Peer Reviewed Journals are the sources to trust. Not the unlimited information on the internet that anyone can read. Please do your own research and trust the Science.

I have a direct line to the science department at Shaklee for any questions or concerns with product ingredients and information. They hide nothing from us.  You can order or search product information and great recipes to boost your immune system at my website below.

Here’s to your health.

*The information above is meant to be suggestive only. It is important with any lifestyle changes to consult with your primary care physician.


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