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Mental health and substance use disorders affect all communities nationwide.  With commitment and support, those impacted can embark on a journey of improved health and overall wellness. The focus of National Recovery Month this September is to celebrate all people that make the journey of recovery possible. The 2021 theme is, “Recovery is For Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” Broward National Recovery Month events has spread the message that people can and do recover every day for approximately 25 years.

The impact of mental health and substance use disorders is apparent in our local community.  A recent lead community committee report indicates a 132% increase of fentanyl and analogs deaths has occurred since 2020.  Through Recovery Month events, people become more aware and able to recognize the signs of mental health and substance use disorders.  It encourages people in need of recovery services to seek help. Managing the effects of these conditions helps individuals achieve healthy lifestyles, both physically and emotionally.

The Recovery Month observance continues to work to improve the lives of those affected by mental health and substance use disorders by raising awareness and educating communities about the effective services that are available. For the above reasons, Broward National Recovery Month Committee is asking the citizens of Broward County to join us in celebrating this September as National Recovery Month.


  1. JoAnn Edson Reply

    Good morning,

    My name is JoAnn and I come from a family of addiction of various alcohol, drugs, smoking and pills. I need help
    with them all. I have a lot of mental issues and have had them for years it seems they just won’t go away. I am 62
    and I have a daughter 42. We are presently doing the Women Warriors meetings online together and I feel
    I need a Quit Smoking class. I quit smoking for 20 years then I started again in 2018 and still smoke a pack every
    3 days. I quit drinking 9.17.21 cold turkey cause that is how I do it. I can’t wean myself off anything. There has to be
    a reason. The reason this time is my daughter is in recovery AA not the first time, but hopefully with my help the last. My brother is in jail for the last 6 years for a one night out with his girl of 20 years. Drinking that one night got him 8 felonies and his house and all vehicles burnt to the ground and of course nothing happened to his girl who is an instigator and alcoholic as well. Thank GOD that is all that happened and nobody was killed. Thank the Lord. That will make anybody in there right mind quit for those reasons alone. I have to be here in my mind for them. Sobriety from not drinking since 9.17.21, I feel great sober and I will continue because I can see the light. Haven’t seen the light in decades. Next is quit the smoking and mental health issues. I have to be sane as possible to help my brother in jail and my daughter stay out of jail. Thank you for hearing me. I need lot’s of different meetings. Can anyone suggest which one to take first? Thank you and appreciate you all. “Stay Sober” JoAnn

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