Photography By Ken Pomerance

I composed this in April-May 2004. I awoke at 4am and recorded the dawn chorus and built on top of that with various acoustic and electronic instruments to hand at the time.


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  1. Kathleen Russell Reply

    Love this Dave Thank you So beautiful with birds and music combination. I could have settled in to a mediation… More Please!

  2. Cassandra or gowithhp Reply

    A masterpiece of music and nature in sync with each other. Beautiful!! I agree with Kathy. Give us more please.

  3. The link does not seem to function – it gives this error message:

    This track was not found. Maybe it has been removed

    Had been looking forward to listening to it based on the comments – fyi.

    • Sorry about that, Chayton – it’s my fault – I changed the names of some of my musical pieces (in Soundcloud) and that messed up the links to this page. Hopefully it’ll be fixed soon.

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