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I woke up this morning with a recently familiar feeling. There is an air of conflict around the world at the moment that permeates even the most peaceful of communities. It is violent, without always being physically combative, yet it is grabbing everyone with a fierce and firm grip.

What is causing the biggest issue is the conflict among ourselves.

We are dealing with a global pandemic and intense political conflict. And yet, neither of these facts are the sole reason for our discomfort. The biggest issue arises from the conflict among ourselves—among the citizens of the world , our neighbours, friends and family. War and illness is always a fact of life around the world. But rarely do we see an instance where each country and each person is affected on an almost identical level, at exactly the same time. And rarely do we see this level of conflict infect every single community around the world so viciously.

I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted and saddened by the fallout from it. For me, it highlights the absurdity of life as we are forced to live it. How little many of our politicians care about us is blindingly obvious. It’s clear to see how much more they care about money and power and gaining more of it. It highlights how ungodly our so called religious leaders are, and how easy it is for ludicrous conspiracy theories and lies to influence us. It shines a light on the disgusting division between one human being and another that was created and is nurtured for the purpose of financial gain and bigotry.

And it is devastatingly disturbing how each one of us in our own way have become carbon copies of these dictators and capitalists we have grown to hate so much.

The malignancy of humanity and how we have and continue to destroy ourselves is the biggest lesson for me during this time. Once I felt somewhat safe in the delusion that this malignancy of the human being lived somewhere else, far away and not inside me.

Now I realise that I was never safe from it at all, and that it lives in me too.

This morning, I have endeavored to correct the malignancy in myself. But first, I need to recognise it and accept it. Then, I need to accept it in others, but remember that the people I view as less intelligent, violent, bigoted and wrong, are also human too.

What is happening now, in my view, is as a result of group consciousness. It’s the manifestation of all that is evil in us. Not in the world, because the world is not evil, nature is not evil, but humans sure can be.

Each of us, on a very individual and powerful level, has the chance to change how we live and what is important to us. On a global level, we have the opportunity to re-evaluate everything that we are. We can change the global community and put peace, respect and truth at the forefront of humanity. We can change the group consciousness to one of love, instead of one of malignant evil.

If we make peace with each other, we take the power away from those who use hate and  division as a weapon.

If you want to find peace in the face of global chaos, please don’t waste this opportunity!



  1. David Rose Reply

    Thanks for this, Nicola. Thought provoking and hopeful, a well written article which speaks to the best in us.

  2. Thank you Nicola for a great read and sharing your thoughts which happen to be the same as mine.

  3. Mark Masserant Reply

    Thanks Nicky. I can see we’re on the same page with all of this. Such a strange world we are living in, where truth is twisted, kindness and courtesy are uncommon, and fear is a tactic wielded by those in power. It feels like I have a bit part in a sci-fi movie, but don’t know if I’m a casualty in it. In order to be part of a positive change, I have to take the high road no matter what. It’s not always easy. Keep the great pieces coming.

  4. rodolfo carrillo Reply

    Nicola your article brings out in an excellent way what we have known all along,or at least our spiritual leaders have taugh us,evil is inside you along with your goodness=I am writing you this note from the venezuelan-brazil frontier in the amazonia=I am saddened to see what kind of life we are force to live=people killing themselves for a few grains of gold or diamonds,all the purpose of life has become financial gain=politicians with their lies trying to make as much money as they can=people they don!t exist=it is the perfect picture of the malignancy of humanity=I thank my HIGHER POWER I didn!t relapse seen this horror and was able to come out alive=I now understand GEN.6:6=check it out=God bless you all my brothers==

  5. I can always relate to people and the struggles of people facing this pandemic. I gave up the booze and drugs but shortcomings come back again and again. I feel anger everytime I see the news so I shut the news off at times. The world is messed up! I see people protest the wrongs of our world and see my own problems that could contribute to the solution. My first priority is to take care of me not all the wrongs being done in the world. I still love music and meditate while listening to it to bring my center back from being caught up in all of this negative feelings I start feeling. Right now I can’t go to meetings but I can read others struggles through reading. JFB

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