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She could feel the cold night air
As it whipped through her uncombed hair
Her hand began the uncontrollable shake
The withdrawals coming her private earthquake
She was in fear yet she did know
To survive where she had to go
She did not have a metal gurney
To commence this insistent journey

She walked a mile to the rehab center
She struggled with the doors trying to enter
An inner evil voice told her to run fast
But where would she run…to her past
The nurse’s face at the reception desk
Look horrified as she took her tests
Trying to comfort with a soothing touch
With words that bounced yet meant so much

Placed in a hollow low lit room
Reeling devastation and feeling gloom
She changed into her hospital gown
Then noticed a small boy wearing a frown
“You look like my mama did”
She brushed it off he’s just a kid
“I can help you” and ran from her sight
Little did she know he would be her LIGHT

He came back a moment later
A self-appointed guardian waiter
And handed her the Teddy Bear
All beat up as if no one cared
“Keep this close through the night”
“You’ll need it to reach morning’s light”
“My mama uses it to make it through”
“This is mine I now give to you!”

She took the bear as he waved good-bye
Not wanting him to leave a tear in her eye
Deep in the night’s withdrawal stings
The Teddy Bear clutched for the safety it brings
She squeezed, pulled, and prodded the bear
She thought of death as she felt there
But as the night’s nasty screams wore on
It was the Teddy Bear that made her strong

Drained of sweat and vomit storming
The ivory golden rays of a sunshine morning
Down in her corner knees to chin
The Teddy Bear tucked safely within
Felling good with color in her face
She no longer felt burned with disgrace
She got cleaned up and dressed snappy
It was the little boy and his bear that made her happy

The little boy appeared with a smile at her door
She picked up the sweaty bear off the floor
She pondered over mother and child
Realization with the flash of her smile
She dropped to her knees and gave a great hug
For this little boy who saved with pure love
The light and salvation of his Teddy Bear
Would be her final addiction repair!


©LadyAnn Graham-Gilreath

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