Thank you God for Guiding Me,

My pen and My Thoughts.

As I waver at the brink of darkness it threatens me with control.

I remember to pray,

Photography by MrClean.

the darkness recedes and bright God consciousness settles in its place.

Many prayers have gone into this lovely shifting.

Being sick and tired of revisiting that nightmare place,

has turned my steps away from the brink in search of a better realness.

One more suitable to a Child of God.

He likes to be asked…..

Thank you comes pretty easy for Me when I can clear away the wreckage

and lift my face to the light.




  1. Karen…what a beautiful poem. I share the same feelings…(and Kenny…great photograph as well).

    • Thank you so much Joanee. That pic is awesome.I didn’t get a chance to look until now.

  2. Wow, I am trying to feel what you must have felt when you wrote that poem. It is lovely.

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