It’s the recovery solution you’ve been looking for to fit into your busy life.

Recovery is a long and sometimes inconvenient journey, with rehabilitation centers, doctors’ appointments, counseling, and 12-step meetings quickly filling up your schedule. But it doesn’t have to always be this way! With In The Rooms, your recovery can fit in with your lifestyle and schedule. 

Our live online meetings offer you flexibility and freedom in your recovery.  This is especially true when it comes to your professional life. In The Rooms is the perfect fit for you and your workplace— whether it’s a classroom, a corporate boardroom, or a construction site. Here’s why:

  1. In The Rooms Offers Meetings Nearly Anywhere

Because all you need is an In The Rooms account, an internet connection, and a device, you can access our online meetings just about anywhere- including your desk! This means you have the freedom to choose where you want your recovery to happen.

  1. In The Rooms Offers Meetings Nearly Anytime

Because we offer over 130 meetings throughout the day, chances are there will be a meeting when you need it! For example, our AA meetings can happen up to 12 times a day, so if you need a meeting before you get to work, during lunch, or after work, you can attend one! 

It’s important to keep attending meetings, even if you think you don’t have time. “If you stop going to meetings, you don’t have someone to call… you lose your support network,” says In The Rooms co-founder Ron Tannebuam. But with our live online meetings, recovery can happen on your schedule. 

  1. In The Rooms Has People Like You

With over 550,000 members, In The Rooms contains people from all walks and ways of life. Whether you’re a mechanic in Minnesota, an engineer in England, or a banker in British Columbia, you’ll find people who share the same passions, goals, and maybe even careers as you! This means you’ll be able to connect with people like you on your recovery journey.

In The Rooms is the perfect solution for your busy life- it can seamlessly fit in with your work schedule and personal life, and you can find great community along the way. Join today at


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