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“I’m celebrating my birthday”, Amaya, my six year old grand niece informed every waiter at every restaurant she visited during the month of November. At home, she’d announced her intention to celebrate “all month long”. In her short life and experience of celebrating only five birthdays, she was on to the magic of self-acknowledgement. Taking care of herself!

She didn’t expect anyone or anything to celebrate her without her orchestration and participation. She carried her own candles in her own little purse; “just in case the restaurant doesn’t have them” –  making certain she was responsible for all the details of her happiness.

How responsible are you for the details of your own happiness?

We often expect other people and things outside ourselves to make us happy, but the truth is, it is always our responsibility.

Derek Rydall, leading edge coach and founder of Emergence, examines the word responsibility and makes it two words:  “Response Ability” :  our ability to respond to our own needs. Self-care is taking care of one’s self. Everything you think you want from someone or something else is a clue as to what you need to give yourself.

If you’re “too busy” to put yourself on your TO DO LIST, can you really expect others to put you on theirs? Whatever you think you’re missing – is what you’re not giving yourself.

Carry your own candles. Light your own flame. You are worth it.


I am responsible for my own happiness. I activate, generate and radiate joy.

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